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Mr. Bharat Dhote founder of UNIVERSE AGRO TOURISM PVT. LTD. He started his journey 6 years ago with a long Vision Goal determination towards his work.

Mr. Dhote Started his first Company, name Golden Cock , which deals in Black Chicken known by the name of Kadaknath by the local’s. He started his Kadaknath farms & Cutting Shop’s all over the chandrapur district. He put his valued contribution towards making people more aware about this medicinal chicken (Kadaknath).

He didn’t stop there; he started his 2nd firm known as BHARGAVI LAND AND DEVELOPERS which deals in Resort Construction and tourism. He built BHARGAVI LAND AND DEVELOPERS one of the fast growing & respected brand in CHANDRAPUR District. He is aware of the tourist crowed came for the TADOBA ANDHERI TIGER RESERVE from across the world and potential of the tourism industry. It can not only helpful for the tourist but also for the local community and rural development. For that he then started his 3rd firm which is HOTEL B-9. Which is nice & Clam Home stay for the tourist’s and also created job opportunities to the locals.

Now as the tourism industry is one of the largest service industry in India and this industry not only creates job but also help for rural development around the Globe. By targeting this industry he is now launching his new venture UNIVERSE AGRO TOURISM PVT LTD and merging all of his 3 companies under one roof. His main goal & focus is on how to create more job opportunities to the rural area of the district & empower women entrepreneurship.


Help boosting a range of activities and rural people to attract urban tourists to our area thus provide opportunity for urban people to get back to the roots.


To promote agriculture Tourism to achieve income, employment & economic stability & skill development in rural communities in vidarbha.


  • Provide economic opportunity.
  • Preserve our nation’s natural resources.
  • Customer relationships.


UATPL is commited to ensure rural empowerment to the tribel and local womens, and provide skills development to them and their families with the assurance of the jobs.